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Mitadru Mitra, BACS

Project Coordinator & Software Developer

Hello, I'm Mitadru! I usually go by Drue. Originally from Kolkata, India, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science at Dalhousie. I am currently working with Dr. Noreen Kamal on two projects. The first is an EDI Initiative aimed at bringing more gender diversity into Dalhousie's Engineering and Computer Science programs. In addition to this, I am also part of the "OPTIMISING ACCESS" Project as a Software Developer, where I am working on the creation of a modern stroke registry for Canadians. 


My proudest achievements over the last few years include delivering a TEDx Talk, directing a short film, and gaining exposure to various industries in and around the world of UX/HCI, Software Development, and Project Delivery through co-ops, volunteer, and contract opportunities. As a developer, I have worked with Nova Scotian startups in the web development and critical communications industries. As a UX practitioner, I have worked on both public-facing and internal products used by organizations such as Broadridge, NYCGo and AstraZeneca. 


I am passionate about changing the world for the better. While I realize this looks different for everyone, I sincerely hope we can all be part of a kinder, more connected, and more convenient world together. 


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