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H-COAL is an interdisciplinary group of academics and trainees from engineering, medicine, allied health, and other disciplines.  We collaborate with health systems across Canada and around the world to improve health systems and patient outcomes. Health systems are complex and they are affected by many upstream factors.  We aim to better understand the effects of various factors on the system of interest, so that we can develop models that provide deep insight.

Our research projects aim to improves access, reduce cost, provide better care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We use various methodologies including:

  • Implementation research

  • Operations research including data envelopment analysis (DEA)

  • Computer simulation including discrete event and system dynamics

  • Novel data and information visualization

  • Artificial intelligence including machine learning

Health System_2.png

H-COAL has cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure for our team members to conduct breakthrough research.  This includes the following:

  • Computation servers to run computationally intense research projects

  • Application server to host custom software applications

  • Secure data server to store health data 

  • Access to the leading Operations Research and analytic software

  • Mobile computing

  • Video conferencing equipment

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