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Alagu Swrnam Karruppiah, MACS

Software Developer




I am Alagu Swrnam Karruppiah, a dedicated Software Developer currently contributing to the OPTIMISING ACCESS project. With a solid foundation in computer science, my journey in technology began with a Bachelor’s degree from SASTRA Deemed University, India completed in 2019. This academic grounding set the stage for my professional career in the IT sector, where I honed my skills over two productive years. I moved to Halifax, Canada in 2022 to further my education and career.

In 2023, I completed my Master’s degree in Applied Computer Science from Dalhousie University. This advanced training has equipped me with the latest knowledge and skills to tackle complex challenges in the tech world.

At OPTIMISING ACCESS, I am part of a team working to establish a national acute stroke registry. This project, led by Dr. Noreen Kamal, is crucial in enhancing the access to and delivery of life-saving endovascular treatments for stroke patients across Canada. My role involves developing and optimizing software solutions that ensure accurate tracking and improvement of treatment outcomes. I am excited to contribute to this significant initiative, using technology to make a real difference in healthcare.

I am passionate about leveraging my expertise to create innovative solutions that improve lives. With a commitment to continuous learning and excellence, I look forward to driving impactful projects and contributing to the advancement of healthcare technology.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my professional journey.

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